Mine Riding Certification for Pickup Trucks


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    Product Certification

    SCI Chile S.A. is the leading company in Chile in certification of safety equipment in mobile units for different tasks, such as Mining, Forestry, Construction and others. We handle the different standards required by Mining in Chile to accredit light and heavy vehicles.

    Among these products and accessories, the following stand out: Rollover protective bars, Rops and Fops Structures, Anti-underrun structures, Towbars, Structures and pulling or towing devices for trailers, Safety railings, Wedges, Poles, Beacons, back-up alarms, Worklights, Nutlocks, Indicators p /nut, Mesh covers rear window, Mining bumpers, Snow chains, Chains in general, Slings, Safety hammers, Fire extinguisher supports, Wheel supports on pick up, Steel cables, Installation and assembly procedures for all mining equipment in vehicles.

    Other products: Products manufactured in machines and tools, Structural mining equipment, Light and heavy metal structures, Man lifting cages, Assembly and fixing products (bolts, nuts, washers, pins, etc.), Steel plates, smooth steel bars , ribs and steel profiles (rolled), Conventional and special hand tools, Casting products cast in sand or resin, Products based on polymers or elastomers, Reels for wet fire fighting with semi-rigid hose, Storz unions, Flexible hoses , Taps for fire network (Dry Network), Bifurcas, among others…

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